Sun. – Thurs 10:00 – 20:00 |  Leonardo da Vinci 9 | Tel Aviv |1700-705-999


Sun. – Thurs 10:00 – 20:00 

9 Leonardo da Vinci | Tel Aviv

Fixphone is a Sales and Repair Service Center for iPhone and Tablets in Tel Aviv

(Flying on Life Ltd Corporation number: 515468189) Established 2008

Fixphone is the professional service center and largest iPhone repair lab in Tel Aviv.

Our lab provides Hardware Repair (screen, battery, and motherboard replacement) and Software (version updates, transfer and restore information) services for devices. We stand out for our unmatched personal and patient service, dedicated to each client and every malfunction. 

We provide full warranty on each repair that comes out of our lab and each product we sell, and provide full refund should a customer claim dissatisfaction with our work.  

Our team of experts at Fixphone are veterans in the field, with major experience in smartphone and tablet repair, at the Software level (launch, update version, Data recovery), and at the Hardware level (screen replacement with out need to replace the motherboard (BGA) for iPhone or Smartphone, iPhone battery replacement, and motherboard repair on individual components).







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