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There are many kinds of iPhone insurance. Generally the insurance we choose is the one we know about, that is, the one that is offered to us when purchasing a device at a cellular network. The one we already understood we did not want to deal with.The service still offered to us today is the one that takes our money up front. 50 Shekels per month, 600 per year. One third of the cost of the device per year.

Fixphone’s subscription service offers you to pay less each month, and less on each repair.
Thousands of subscribers listed in the service save hundreds of shekels in their iPhone repair.

Sign up now and start saving on iPhone repair for you and your family.


  • Is it possible to sign up for the service retroactively (to be considered as if I had a contract, and to gain on the first repair)?
  • If I am a subscriber and I need a number of repairs done, for example: broken screen + device doesn’t charge + there is a problem with the sound?
  • If I lose my device, do I lose my subscription money?

iPhone 4/4S

  • Screen 116 nis
  • All 0 nis
  • Motherboard 50% discount

iPhone 5

  • Screen 200 nis
  • All O nis
  • Motherboard 50% discount

iPhone 5C/5S

  • Screen 300 nis
  • All 0 nis
  • Motherboard 50% discount

iPhone 5C/5S

  • Screen 500 nis
  • All 0 nis
  • Motherboard 50% discount

What that’s it?

In the table above you can see all categories in 0 shekels

Below is a list of repairs that are free, and with no policyholder participation:

iPhone button repair (Home button), replacing the charging socket, On button repair, Proximity Sensor repair, front camera repair, rear camera repair, upper microphone, lower microphone, call (speakers) vibration engine repair, volume keys, headphone jack, internal earpiece, battery.

*Does not include motherboard repair
– board defects are give 50% discount

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